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Studio Policies & Tuition

General Information | Classroom Dress code | Shoe Requirements | Tuition Policies

Classes offered are: ballet/jazz comb. class, tap, pointe, ballet technique, acrobatics, & competition.

Preschool class: ballet/creative movement
Pre-K: Tap/Ballet combination class

Levels 1-7: Ballet/Jazz combination class (tap optional)
Competition: By placement only.  Participation in summer intensive classes is required
Acrobatics: Participation in a ballet/jazz or ballet/tap combination class is required 
Ballet tecnique: Participation in a ballet/jazz combination class is required
Pointe: By placement only.  At least one year (or more) of Ballet technique is required
Hip Hop:  Participation in a ballet/jazz combination class is required


 Please visit our Schedule Page for days & times of all classes and to register on-line. You may also email us at or call us at 515-292-4942 to register.  

Please read the following information and rules of the studio and discuss them with your child. The rules that I have established for my studio were established with the best interest of your child in mind.


General Information

Viewing of classes -
We ask that parents remain in the waiting area while their child is in class. Parents in the classroom may cause younger children to become upset or they may want to be with their parent instead of participating in class. The children will leave the waiting area with the instructor and go into the classroom without mom or dad. We will have 2-3 observation days per year so that you can see the progress that your child is making. We like to allow the children time to get comfortable with the instructor, their surroundings, and the other student’s before the first observation day. We will post the observation days in the waiting area and in newsletters. Some younger children have a hard time participating in class when their parents are watching. If you are observing and your child is having a difficult time participating in class, it may be best to leave the room. After Christmas break, each class will be working on their routines for the recital. At this time, observation days will be very limited. Sometimes, at the end of class, we will invite parents to come into the classroom to see the progress of their child’s routines. If siblings are present during observation days, please be sure that they are sitting and watching class quietly. If siblings become a distraction to the class, they may be asked to leave the room.

Tardiness -
Please make sure that your child is on time for class. It is very important that all dancers and acrobats get the appropriate warm-up needed to avoid injury. If a child misses warm-up and stretching, they will be required to warm-up prior to joining the other students.

Missed lessons -
Dancers are encouraged to make-up missed lessons. Lessons should be made up as soon as possible after missing class. Talk to the instructor after a missed lesson for a make-up time. Please do not attend another class unannounced to make-up a lesson. Lesson plans are made up in advance and are designed for the students in each class. If you know in advance that you are going to miss your class, please let us know. There are no refunds for missed lessons! Once recital routines are started, attendance is very important. Students who miss consecutive weeks of choreography for a routine will be expected to learn the choreography on their own, as I will not re-teach it. It is not fair to the rest of the students in the class to continue working on the same choreography week after week. If attendance becomes a problem, it is possible that the student will not be able to participate in the routine.

Snow days & Cancellations –
In the event of bad weather and we cancel classes, we will post the cancellation on our Facebook page and on our web site. The first snow day that is missed for classes, will not be made up.  Beginning with the second snow day, we will make every effort to make it up during the year or at the end of the year.  In the event that we can not make up a snow day, refunds will not be given for that class.

Drop-off & Pick-up of Students -
Dancers should be dropped-off and picked-up within 15 min. of class time, as we are very busy and cannot provide your child with the attention they deserve to be safe. Students not participating in class should wait in the waiting area for their rides or for their class to begin. If a situation arises and you are going to be late, please call and let us know.

Classroom/Studio Rules
-Students and parents will be respectful at all times to the instructor, other students and other parents.

-Profanity, bad attitudes, and gossiping should not be brought into the studio.

-Food & drink shall not be brought into the classroom. If your child needs to eat something before class, they may eat it in a designated area. Students may bring water bottles into class, as the studio does not have a drinking fountain, however, cups are provided for drinks in the restrooms.  The students may drink their water while they are changing their shoes or during specified times. Students may not leave the class room with out permission.

-Students are asked to clean up after themselves and to respect all studio property.

-While classes are in session, please do not open the dance room door. It is very disruptive to dancers.

-The waiting area is not a play area. It is an area for students and parents to wait for classes to begin or end. Please stay away from the desks, computer, phones, etc. Students will be allowed to call their parent’s if needed.

-Students should be on their best behavior during class time. Yelling, screaming, playing games, and running around during class time may cause injury to other children. If discipline becomes an issue, a child will be dismissed from class.

-Gum chewing is not allowed in the classroom.

-Parents, Please do not interrupt class to talk to the instructor. Time between classes is very limited and every student deserves the class time that they are paying for. I will be more than happy to set up a time to talk to any parent. Please set up a time at the front desk, or leave me a message and I will get back to you.

-Street shoes or clothes are never worn in the dance room.

-Listen and pay attention in class

-Smile and have fun!!


Classroom Dress Code -

No street clothes or baggy clothes permitted in any class!
“To Feel Like A Dancer, You Must Look Like A Dancer”

Boys – (All classes):
Shorts or sweatpants, T-shirt, and appropriate dance shoes. Ballet, tap, or jazz shoes - acro/tumbling – no shoes)

Girls –Acro/Tumbling:
Leotard w/ footless, stirrup, or no tights, form fitting bike shorts, dance capris, or unitards. NO T-shirts or baggy shorts permitted in class.

Ballet Technique/Pointe:
Black leotard, pink tights, & ballet/Pointe shoes, Ballet skirt(optional)

Hip Hop Classes:
T-shirts and shorts (or sweatpants) may be worn to hip hop classes as long as they are not extremely baggy and get in the way.  Tennis shoes should be worn to hip hop class (not ones that are worn on the street and are dirty)

All other classes:
Any color leotard or tight fitting dance wear with tights, & appropriate dance shoes (tap, ballet, or jazz shoes). Jazz pants or tight fitting shorts may be worn for jazz classes. (please make sure pants aren't too long to avoid tripping)

NOTE: Matching shoes are required for recital.

**Long hair will be pulled back and short hair needs to be pulled away from the face for all classes**

Recital information -
A commitment to participate in the recital will need to be given by the end of November, as costumes will need to be ordered. Once costumes are ordered, you will be responsible for paying for them. Costumes ordered after November will inquire additional charges. A $35.00 costume deposit per costume will be due by Nov. 7th. A $35.00 recital fee per child will be due by Jan. 12th (you will receive 2 free tickets with your recital fees). Your final costume balance will be due by Mar. 7th. Costumes will not be distributed unless they are fully paid for. Additional recital information will be posted at a later date.

Tuition -
Tuition is based on 32 weeks of lessons with 9 equal monthly payments. All tuition is subject to 7% sales tax. Tuition is due in advance on your child's first lesson of each month. A $10.00 late fee will be charged for payments received after the 15th of each month. There will be a $25.00 returned check fee. If an account is 30 days past due the student will be dismissed from class until the balance is paid in full.

Registration Fee -
There will be an annual registration fee of $25.00 per family.  

Family discounts -
The 1st child is full rate, The 2nd child will receive a 15% discount, The 3rd child will receive a 25% discount. Discounts are given to immediate family only.

Thank you & let’s have a great year!

Shelby Droste




Performance Dance Centre Shoe Requirements
(matching shoes are required for recital. All shoes are available @ the studio)

Pre-dance: White revolution brand stretch ballet shoes 

Pre-K: Classic Pin revolution brand stretch ballet shoes 
                 Dark Tan revolution brand U-shell tap shoes

Level 1-6  : Pink revolution brand stretch ballet shoes 
                             Dark Tan revolution brand jazz shoes 

Level 7: Tan Bloch bran "Pulse" jazz shoes
          Bloch brand "Eclipse" Pink/Nude 1/2 ballet shoes

TTC/L1 Tap: Black Revolution brand U-Shell taps

Level MC/2, PC/3, & 3/4 Tap: Dark tan revolution brand slip on jazz taps

Competition:  Shoes will be picked out once teams are formed and 
                     music has been selected.

All acro & Flexibility classes: Bare feet

All Ballet Technique: Pink canvas ballet shoes (any brand) 

All Pointe: Pink pointe shoes (any brand)

Hip Hop: Tennis shoes (that are not worn for everyday)

*NOTE: shoe requirements are subject to change.


Tuition Policies:

Tuition is based on 32 weeks of lessons with 9 equal monthly payments. Tuition is due in advance, on the first lesson of each month. All tuition is subject to 7% sales tax. All classes missed should be made up as soon as possible in a similar class or tuition is forfeited, as there are no refunds. A $10.00 late fee will be charged for payments received after the 15th of each month. If payment is still due after the 25th of each month the child will be removed from the class. A $25.00 charge will be administrated for any returned checks. 


Combined class time per week:1st child-per month
(Full price) + tax
2nd child-per month
(15% off) + tax
3rd child-per month
(25% off) + tax
45 min.




1 hour




1 hour, 15 min




1hr 30min




1hr 45min








2hrs 15min




2hrs 30min




2hrs 45min








3hrs 15min




3hrs 30min




3hrs 45min








4hrs 15min




4hrs 30min




4hrs 45min








5hrs 15min




5hrs 30min




5hrs 45min








 **Please call for tuition fee's for more than 6 hours of class per week.


Performance Dance Centre
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